CRNCI System Management

System Management

CRNCI specializes in setup, installation, configuration, and support of servers, computers, and data networks. We have certified system and network engineers on staff to help you choose, install, configure, and maintain the right hardware and system software for your organization.

Network Design and Setup

We offer a full range of network infrastructure solutions and services, which includes:

  • Firewall and Security Management
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Account and System Administration
  • Server Support
  • Domain Management and Hosting Services
  • Secure Remote Connectivity
  • Voice, Video and Data Cabling
  • Security updates, Access Management, and Patching

CRNCI brings years of design, implementation and maintenance experience to your computing environment. Whether you want to create a Virtual Private Network to allow secure, remote connectivity, configure a firewall device to control internet traffic, setup a domain with users and groups, or implement automatic patching to your servers, CRNCI can do it.

We are authorized service providers for most computer and server hardware manufacturers and operating system vendors (Windows and UNIX). We know what makes them tick and we know how to tweak, tune, and secure them. Whether you have a large enterprise WAN with clustered database servers, load balanced web servers, and hundreds of users or if you maintain a small 5 user or less LAN, we can help you get efficient, take control, and lower costs.

System Support

Technology support is a critical function for every company that relies on communications and computing. CRNCI takes the worry out of maintaining and supporting networks and computers.

We offer support services that include on-site services as well as remote monitoring and management for your critical applications, systems, network, and databases.

Our support service is simple. When you experience an issue, call us or log a ticket on our Support web portal. We take it from there. Based on service level, requests are acknowledged within 1 hour by phone or email. Our trained staff work on issue resolution and report status at various stages, keeping you well informed as work is performed and progress is made.

CRNCI’s support can re-mediate issues at 7 different levels of granularity. Our tools enable our technicians to manage and gather information from all network equipment (Switches, Firewall, SAN, Servers, and workstations) including:

  • Point-to-point file transfers
  • Stopping and starting services
  • Support agent chat
  • Advanced remote control
  • Access to the command prompt
  • Detailed service and process information
  • Event logs, registry and local disk manipulation
  • Detailed “real-time” performance and capacity status


Planning Services: Capacity monitoring, regular infrastructure reviews, Service Level performance and change control reviews

Protection Services: Key network equipment availability monitoring, service patch updates, virus protection monitoring

Equipment Maintenance: Servers, PCs, primary business applications, and data-related telecommunications equipment

User Management: Password reset, add/terminate users, profile changes, email quota

Help Desk Support: End-user technical assistance with defined service level agreements