CRNCI Value Added Solutions

Value Added Solutions

Sometimes everything you need comes in one tidy package.

Sometimes you need more — or less.

So we’ve made it easy to add exactly the service you need to what you already have. No fuss, no muss.

After all, making IT an easy part of your business (not just one more complication) is what we excel at.


Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) service proactively and automatically monitors and manages your client devices. We will cater it to your needs, monitoring only the devices you want to.

RMM is becoming a key tool used by companies to maintain inventories, remediate technical issues, connect to remote machines, and much more. The service will typically pay for itself within the first month in avoided hands-on support hours.

  • Alerting via text, email, and phone for systems that need 24×7 monitoring
  • Remote real-time reporting, documentation and auditing
  • Proactive repair of mobile laptop equipment for police officers
  • Scripting of repetitive tasks and increasing up time for critical systems that affect officer safety
  • Reduce support time of equipment freeing up time to be utilized for support of legacy software
  • Monitoring of key software programs for the city such as Pistol 2000, Rip and Tear, CAD, MCT, and Fire House
  • Remote access for deployment of new software, software updates, and repair of systems

CRNCI’s RMM tools are fully integrated with the CRNCI ticketing system to allow for real-time reporting, documentation and auditing.


More than ever before, companies are deploying mobile devices and tablets to a segment of their workforce to take advantage of cloud services and the ability to work anywhere at any time. With this capability comes the responsibility to manage and secure each device based on company policies. Our mobile device management service can be deployed at any time to assist you in managing this important aspect of your business.

  • Enforce mobile security, compliance, and maximize Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Implement a secure way to distribute and access confidential documents
  • Ensure protected sites are accessed through a secure VPN tunnel
  • Implement a scalable solution to support your growing mobile deployment
  • Adopt a flexible platform that supports bring your own device (BYOD) programs
  • Take advantage of flexible deployment models
  • Easy to use web portal for management
  • Easy remote deployment of applications
  • Restrict application availability based on user profiles
  • GPS location monitoring
  • Ability to remotely “wipe” a device in the event it is lost, stolen or compromised


Losing data, productivity or access to critical systems can have dramatic cost impacts on your business. Disaster recovery services for your technology environment help you avoid the high capital costs required to build and manage your own disaster recovery site. Consider CRNCI’s Disaster Recovery solution an insurance policy against disaster.

  • Three levels of service:
    1. Off-Site Backup
    2. Disaster Recovery Protection
    3. Live Disaster Recovery Protection
  • Robust & flexible menu of solutions
  • Disaster recovery without purchasing your own hardware
  • Coverage of your servers in case of a complete disaster


As your IT service provider, we want you to be free of all of your IT worries, including email. So we combined Microsoft Hosted Exchange® email and the number one defense and anti-spam solution on the market, McAfee SaaS, to bring you the finest email solution for your business: CRNCI Mail.

  • Flexible Accounts
  • Robust Email
  • Security


Is data backup giving you a headache? Whether your current backup system just isn’t cutting it, or you don’t have a backup system to begin with (gasp!), CRNCI Backup can help.